Buying Plants from a small business – Roundtree Plantation

Yesterday I made an announcement via Facebook, then Twitter. I’m going to try and go one week spending only on small businesses. This idea stemmed from a few things.

The most significant this is that I see every one around me, trying to start a business. I want us all to make it and be independent but how can I honestly expect that if we don’t support each other.

I’ll admit that after a while, I started ignoring the “Like My Business Page” requests because in a few months the business page will be inactive. But then the day came that I sent out my own request. SMH!

I don’t blame anyone for losing steam with their own businesses. If we’re being honest, most people don’t get support from others these days unless they have an impressive amount of hype. Or unless they’re selling sex but that’s another conversation.

I was pretty proud of myself for just entertaining the idea and then I went back to my normally scheduled thoughts. Until, 3 p.m. the next day rolled around. I was planning my next shoot and I wanted to buy some plants.

So, of course I made plans to go to IKEA and buy some fake plants. I was relieved because I knew it wouldn’t be too expensive and I wouldn’t have to save up for it.

It wasn’t until 4 p.m. that I remembered my challenge. I live in the busiest part of Charlotte and of course, all the greenhouses in town closed at 5 p.m.!

Honestly, I didn’t even know what to search to find out and the clock was ticking.

This will be extremely difficult in smaller towns but Charlotte, luckily, is getting up there.

I ended up at a place called Roundtree Plantation. At 15 minutes until close, I expected the staff to be annoyed with me. (I don’t blame them. I do this a lot.)

But the staff looked surprised to see me. Every one was extremely helpful and patient. I even learned a little about the man helping me and the business owners. The inconvenience was new to me and I ended up spending about $90.00 for two plants, potters and bowls. I probably could’ve gotten something more decorative for that price at IKEA but being valuable to the staff instead of an inconvenience was worth it.

Check out their website here.

Check out their facebook  page here.

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